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The Kinetic Collective is a nimble group of emerging South Australian Artists. At our core, we are the partnership of a director (Clara Solly- Slade) and designer (Bianka Kennedy) connecting with other key collaborators on a project to project basis. The collective is newly formed over a desire to collaborate with creatives across different disciplines as well as the intersection between art, science, technology, accessibility and performance. With a shared drive to create independent work within an "exploratory" working model, where the design of the show is developed over a longer period of time in conjunction with the larger creative group.

As a collective, we currently have a selection of key projects in various stages of development. We also have a collection of six artistic provocations pertaining to the relationship between technology and performance or installation artworks we hope to explore through our work. We are currently seeking spaces and opportunities where we can explore and further develop these provocations. This exploration will help create the foundations for our projects. The theatrical piece at the centre of the Kinetic Collective for the next 12 months will be a production of Kill Climate Deniers by David Finnigan which we have secured the rights to and are currently investigating venue options.

Clara Solly-Slade - Director
Clara Solly-Slade
Bianka Kennedy - Designer
Bianka Kennedy

Current projects

Kill Climate Deniers 2022

David Finnigan

Part action-movie spoof, part political satire, part rave party wrapped up in a piece of documentary theatre, Kill Climate Deniers follows a group of environmental activists as they take Parliament House hostage, demanding the government stop all fossil fuel industries, effective immediately. For floundering Environment Minister, Gwen Malkin, will this be her chance to become the gun toting national hero Australia never knew it needed? OR will the lentil eating activists force our leaders to bend to their demands? Join Kinetik Collective for a night of treason, live techno and terrorism featuring digital designs by Dave Court.

Clara Solly-Slade

Bianka Kennedy

Dave Court

Chris Petridis

Mat Morison

Anna Steen
Kate Cheel
Katherine Sortini
Eddie Morrison
Ren Williams

KCD Development photos by Dave Court  (56 of 119).jpg KCD Development photos by Dave Court  (102 of 119).jpg
KCD Development photos by Dave Court  (65 of 119).jpg KCD Development photos by Dave Court  (119 of 119).jpg
KCD Development photos by Dave Court  (94 of 119).jpg

8 - 17 SEPTEMBER 2022
Slingsby's Hall of Possibilities
96 Glen Osmond Rd, Parkside

Friday 9th - 7pm (Opening night)
Saturday 10th - 2pm
Saturday 10th - 8pm
Sunday 11th - 2pm

Wednesday 14th - 7pm
Thursday 15th - 7pm
Friday 16th - 7pm
Saturday 17th - 2pm
Saturday 17th - 8pm

Kill Climate Deniers Tickets

Fawn (development) 2023

Sophia Simmons

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